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Frequently Asked Questions

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What levels (divisions) are being offered for the Spring/Fall 2021 season?

  • Single "A" -   T-ball with intention to Coach Soft Pitch by end of season

  • Double "AA" - Coach Pitch with development for next level Kids Pitch

  • Triple "AAA" (Minors)  - Beginner Kids Pitch (Field dimensions - 46/60)

  • Majors -   Upper level Kids Pitching (Field dimensions - 46/60)

  • Seniors - Big leagues (Field dimensions - 60/90)

You can always play up a level but you can not play down.  Options to select the level of play are presented during registration based on the player's league age.

When will I know what team my child(ren) are on?

All teams will be determined after the close of registration and after player evaluations ("AAA" Minors and Majors only).

When are practices and games scheduled?

The practice and game schedule is determined after the close of registration.  Coaches and teams will be determined first.  Coaches will be provided with the schedules and to finalize practice days and times.

When will I know if I've been selected as a coach?

Coaches for divisions requiring player evaluations (Minors "AAA" and Majors) will be finalized first.  Coaches for all other divisions will be determined after the close of registration.  Coaches will be contacted after they are selected and will be required to pass a background check process.

What are the minimum items needed to play baseball?

All players must have:

  1. A glove
  2. A helmet (best practice due to COVID)
  3. Pants in the color agreed upon/determined with the coach (separate purchase)

What items are included in my player's uniform?

All teams in Stafford will be Major League Baseball teams.  Players will receive:

  1. An official MLB hat and
  2. A color coordinated Stafford Baseball shirt

Players will need to purchase their own pants in the color agreed upon/determined with their coach.

Shirt size is required to complete your registration.

2021 Stafford Baseball Shirt Design

What is the couponĀ code to receive my credit from the Spring 2020 season?

New registrations and those who've received a refund for the 2020 season must pay in full.  Coupon codes for the Spring 2020 season have been emailed to those who've not already claimed their credit.  All credits remaining will expire after the Fall 2021 season and no refunds will be issued.  Any questions, please contact

What if I'm owed a credit for the Spring 2020 registration, but also need to registerĀ a new player(s)?

During checkout, use the coupon code provided to credit the entire registration fee.  If after the coupon code is cross-referenced against the Spring 2020 registration list and determined credit is not due for all players on the Spring/Fall 2021 registration, an invoice will be emailed to remit payment for the new player(s) registration.